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Multi-purpose medical device for home first aid kit

A supporting medium in treatment of a wide range of diseases, manufactured by patented nanotechnology.

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Main effects

Find out more about the main areas of application of Polimedel polymer film.

Why Polimedel?

Unique properties of Polimedel

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Polimedel Smart

15 x 9 cm

Shorter version of Polimedel. Due to its size, it has a wide range of uses and it is easily applied to any part of the body. It is popular mainly with athletes, but also at home.

Polimedel Long

30 x 9 cm

The most used and the most popular variant of Polimedel. It is designed primarily for larger parts of the body; it is ideal for low back and back pain. It is also suitable for problems with varicose veins or rheumatic problems.



“Great help with injuries as well as regeneration after hard training 👊🏻🤙🏻”

Marek M.

“Great thing!!! I had a blocked nerve and was able to move again after just two days!! Thank you 👌🙏”

Zuzana Z.

“I definitely recommend the film… It helped me to eliminate long-term elbow pains, and it helps my wife to eliminate headaches …👍👍👍”

Jan P.

“I can only recommend Polimedel. It’s a really great thing that works. It always helped me on 100% for a sprained ankle, an overloaded and sore arm and back pain”

Andrea S.

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