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Universal help of Polimedel

I am after replacing of the knee joint, and for 14 months I have a big swelling in my knee… rehabilitation did not help at all..after using the film, I see an improvement .. I finally stretch my leg in the knee socket .. which means that the swelling is receding .. it can be seen also..I will treat also other consequences of the operation, swelling of the ankles and varicose veins .. thank you.

Another experience. I suffered a total lymphatic failure eight years ago after an accident, and sometimes I get red spots around the veins in my leg .. I applied Polimedel overnight, bandaged it with an elastic bandage and the spots are gone.

Laya L.

Miracle after just two days

My wife (63) had a severe knee pain about five weeks ago. Domestic methods and various creams did not help. Ibalgin helped for a short time. But that is not the solution. She was also afraid that it could be inflammation of the veins or something similar. So she visited the general practitioner. She determined a diagnosis of Baker’s cyst and sent her for an ultrasound to confirm this, and that it was not a venous problem. She was ordered for an ultrasound in three weeks, and nothing would happen until then.

So I ordered Polimedel. It was delivered in about 3 days. She immediately started applying it. Two to three sessions, three hours a day. During the application, she felt a slight cold (compared to the described heat or tingling). There was a slight improvement immediately after the first application. After two days, a miracle happened. Total well-being, no pain. So hooray. But the wife misjudged it, so she immediately took an afternoon “trip” and went shopping. And when I write an afternoon, it’s really been all afternoon. She exaggerated it. The next day, the knee ached again, though not as strongly as at the beginning. So again. This time, the improvement was much slower, but it was progressing. After three weeks, when the ultrasound deadline finally arrived, they found that there was no cyst in the knee and that the veins were as clean as when they were young. At present, the knee is completely fine, without pain.

Another positive effect of PoliMedel. My mother-in-law (87) had swollen legs, puffy ankle. After two days of application, significant improvement of her condition – pain retreated and  swelling partially decreased. Before that, various ointments and painkillers did not help.


Return to life

Polimedel ordered on March 25, arrived on March 28, cash on delivery, price 30 Eur. Perfectly packed, undamaged. Purpose of ordering: grandmother 82 years old, 50 years of trigeminal nerve problems, kept within tolerable limits by homeopathy, current medical chemical (pill) treatment did not work; 2 years ago, surgery was offered, which due to old age and the need for anaesthesia was not an acceptable solution. In addition, last year, the grandmother was in a hospital for 1 month with respiratory problems, allegedly irreversibly damaged bronchi, then 3 months in the hospital for PTN disease in Janov u Mirošova. After one month at home, she had a “bronchial” attack, again a hospital, after 14 days on drips and oxygen, she was again in the Janov hospital. On March 29 (after 2 weeks in the hospital with zero positive result), we started to use Polimedel, 3 times a day for one hour on the breasts, 3 times a day for one hour on the trigeminal nerve. The first week, she had great, perhaps even worsening pain of the trigeminal nerve, mouth crooked, talking with great pain, after a week the pain almost disappeared and grandma can have a big smile on her lips again after several years.

After 3 days of using Polimedel on the bronchi, breathing infusions were dropped, after another 2 days, the oxygen mask was completely removed. After 2 weeks of using Polimedel, grandma can walk, breathe, laugh, go home soon, and the doctors are happy how they put grandma together. Maybe it’s a mistake that my grandmother is from the old school, and she applied the film secretly, and she didn’t want to tell the doctors about it. When I see these results, I have to think how many people in the hospital, for example, could get help after application of Polimedel. When I take grandma home, I’ll probably give the doctors some info. I would like to thank Cimírek, and also “la”, for sharing this information with me, and that I am now able to confirm the overall (very) positive results.


Polimedel and acne

Hello everyone. My daughter, who is 22 years old, suffered from a rash in her face from her puberty; sometimes it was worse, sometimes better. Logically, it bothered her quite a lot. In the spring, I read the effects of Polimedel, and it said that it works also on inflammatory processes. We have tried it for trigeminal nerve inflammation, but for acne? So I ordered a film and gave my daughter a proper explanation (you should see the faces, expensive creams did not help much, so what about a “Russian” film). However, after several weeks of use (usually in the evening when watching TV or PC), the skin is clear. Sometimes a single pimple appears, but it is in nothing in comparison with the original extent, and it is true that the daughter still applies the film, even if only twice a week, or as she remembers.

Because she had such an improvement, her classmates also noticed, of course, so Polimedel is used also by a girl who used to have a red-blue face due to acne, a severe form of acne. “Thanks” to coronavirus, because they were at home and did not go to school, she persevered in the treatment (she called my daughter that it got worse for the first 14 days, the skin was probably getting rid of impurities) and the results are noticeable at first glance, although it is not completely healed yet. So in our family experience, the film actually works on inflammations, even if sometimes the symptoms get worse at first, it’s important to persevere (when not, after all).

Jana R.