Acceleration of healing

POLIMEDEL is an aid in everything related to regeneration (healing). Always after some organs, tissues or even individual cells have been damaged. What can cause damage to organs and cells?

  • Injuries
  • Burns
  • Inflammation
  • vascular dysfunction
  • hypoxia
  • intoxication
  • convulsions
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • metabolic disorders
  • effect of drugs
  • harmful environmental influences and many other causes
Polimedel - Urychlenie hojenia

Our body must always repair damaged cells, blood vessels, nerves, bones and other tissues whenever possible. The body must eliminate and eliminate toxins, thrombi and bacteria in the damaged zone.

All this requires a lot of energy, supplies and time. The larger the damaged area, the more energy is needed to rebuild it. POLIMEDEL helps us in these situations – it accelerates chemical and physical processes, activates various substances, structures biological fluids, eliminates swelling and inflammation, fights infection, accelerates the excretion of toxins and nutrient supply, alleviates pain, stimulates the synthesis of new substances and cell birth.

Overall, the electric field of POLIMEDEL is actively involved in the regeneration processes. First, healing accelerates several times. Wounds, abrasions, boreholes, burns, torn ligament heal 2-3 times faster than the “classic” healing time. And much more natural and beautiful – without the formation of bone calluses, contractures and adhesions. Scars can be smaller, thinner and less noticeable than in the same injury without the use of POLIMEDEL.

Very important results were obtained when applying the foil at the time of rehabilitation after a heart attack, stroke or cranial injury. We can also use POLIMEDEL for long-term non-healing wounds. (except when we have open bleeding).

Promotional package POLIMEDEL Smart + Long
Polimedel Long 30×9 cm
Polimedel Smart 15×9 cm