Activation of total and local immunity

After application of the POLIMEDEL polymer film, specific changes occur in the blood – the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes, macrophages and immunoproteins changes, which indicates a strong effect on immunity.

Therefore, it often happens that we treat one pathology, but at the same time something else is cured. It can happen that the activation of immunity often results in acute states of chronic diseases. This is a logical consequence.

It is necessary to simply shorten the time of application of the film and soon (by 1-3 days) the symptoms will weaken and gradually disappear completely. Cellular immunity is actually lymphoid tissue, or lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are formed in the bone marrow (sternum), spleen and thymus (thymus, baby’s gland), from where they enter the blood and still circulate in it.

Polimedel - Posilnenie imunity

A lymphocyte is a very mobile cell, able to extend beyond the vascular system, move in any direction and then settle in any organ. After settling, the lymphocytes transform into macrophages, which densely “inhabit” the liver, spleen, the area around the capillaries, lungs, bone marrow, there are many of them in the skin and mucous membranes. Huge numbers of macrophages are found in the intestines, where they form whole clusters – colonies. That is why it is said that about 50% of immunity is made up of the intestines.

The basic function of macrophages is phagocytosis (uptake of bacteria). Macrophages are able to absorb dead and mutated cells, foreign microorganisms and even the smallest foreign bodies. But phagocytosis is far from the only or main function of macrophages.

They are able to:

  • Produce antibodies (especially macrophages in the spleen);
  • Synthesize and secrete blood clotting factor;
  • Synthesize tumor necrosis factor;
  • Synthesize hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite, which is actually a chemical weapon;
  • Synthesize tissue hormones – cytokines, interleukins and endorphins, thus ensuring pain relief and continuous transmission of information to the entire immune system.
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