Anti-swelling effect

The swelling can be general and local. Total is often associated with diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, decreased protein levels in the blood, decreased osmotic pressure in the blood plasma, etc. Occurrence of local swelling can be caused by:

  • increasing the pressure in the capillaries;
  • toxic damage to the walls of the capillaries;
  • lymphatic and blood vessel diseases;
  • burns;
  • injuries;
  • inflammation, etc.

In most cases, POLIMEDEL is able to treat causes that lead to swelling, and to heal them successfully.

Polimedel - Protiopuchovy ucinok

Apply POLIMEDEL for local swelling. The swelling can begin to explicitly “dissolve” within 20-40 minutes. However, it completely disappears only after a few hours, resp. even after a few days. In general swelling, we can also achieve certain results by acting on the affected organ that caused the swelling – the liver, kidneys or heart.

In addition, practice proves that POLIMEDEL helps to excrete fluids from pathological formations – cysts, accumulated fluid in the joints, abscesses and then treats them. The foil helps to reduce eye and cranial pressure.

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