Enhancement of the effect of pharmacological preparations and drugs

Immediately before using the medicine (if prescribed by a doctor), apply the foil to the place where the organ being treated (for example, the liver, kidneys or stomach) is located. Then the blood microcirculation, the transport of substances is improved, the chemical processes are activated and the drug starts to work more significantly, often even a smaller dose is needed to get the result. If the medicine has an effect on the whole body, apply the foil to the area of ​​larger vessels. Where specifically, we have already written above. The same applies to medicines for external use.

Before applying ointments (or other medicines) to a certain area of ​​the skin, first apply POLIMEDEL there for 15-20 minutes. Then the drug is better absorbed and the effect will be more pronounced. You can also apply the foil after applying the medicine to the skin. Determine the duration of action separately. Remember that the combined effect on the problem area from different sides (outside and inside) is always more effective than applying only one method.

Only a combination of medication, physical therapy and nutrition (using appropriate foods and nutritional supplements) will ensure the best result.

Polimedel - Farmaceuticke prostriedky, zosilnenie ucinkov
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