Normalization of tissue blood flow

POLIMEDEL is able to achieve normal tissue blood flow very quickly, within several tens of minutes. Why is it so important? Because tiny coils – capillaries – transport oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and everything else that is essential to them into our tissues and cells. The capillaries are so narrow that the erythrocytes – red blood cells – literally push in and collide with each other. However, they do not stick to each other, because on the surface all erythrocytes have a negative electric charge and are repelled on impact. This maintains normal blood flow and the capillaries perform their functions.

The cells receive oxygen and the necessary substances and function normally. But there are many causes that can disrupt the function of the capillaries: harmful chemicals from the air, soil, surrounding objects, diet; drugstore; pharmaceutical preparations, alcohol, tobacco; stress; diseases; harmful radiation; nutrient deficiency and other effects. Under their influence, erythrocytes lose their surface charge and, on impact, stop repelling, they begin to stick to each other.

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If this happens inside the larger vessels, hypoxia – oxygen hunger begins – because the erythrocytes transport oxygen. But if they stick inside the capillary, it is immediately clogged. Necrosis or infarction (death) of a section of tissue occurs and over time, scar tissue develops at this site, which no longer performs any metabolic activity. The tissue degrades, i. j. starne.

We can observe this process with our own eyes only on the skin – it is made less soft and elastic, it changes color, wrinkles appear. The internal organs age so that it manifests itself in diseases. Impairment of capillaries often causes hypoxia, increased blood pressure, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative dystonia. That is why we age and die much earlier than nature dictates.

However, we can influence this process. The electric field of POLIMEDEL very quickly restores the normal negative charge on the erythrocyte membranes, which detach from each other and the rheological properties (fluidity) of the blood and thus the permeability of the capillaries are restored. And if there is a larger vessel in the field of action of the field, soon all the blood in our body “charges”. Complete blood circulation takes 20-28 seconds in an adult, 18 seconds in adolescence and 15 seconds in a child.

Calculate how many times each blood cell is in the electric field of our foil after 10-15 minutes of use. POLIMEDEL works immediately and can be used not only to restore already damaged capillaries that have found themselves in its field, but also to prevent similar damage throughout the body. In addition, we have treatment and prevention of thrombus formation, atherosclerosis, heart attack, reduction of high blood pressure, elimination of headaches.

For this reason, POLIMEDEL also has cosmetic effects and has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps with wrinkle problems and supports the treatment of varicose veins.

To normalize the blood supply to any organ, it is sufficient to apply POLIMEDEL to the body above the organ in question and hold for 15-20 minutes. For a complete effect on the entire blood circulation, place the foil at a larger vessel (eg middle upper chest, liver area, armpit, elbow or knee flex, under the ribs) for 20-40 minutes.

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