Pain relief

The strong analgesic effect of POLIMEDEL has been tested for a long time. The ability to relieve pain and accelerate healing that electromagnetic fields in general and electretes in particular has long been used in medicine, but in most cases large and heavy devices or complicated technologies are used.

POLIMEDEL has become the first, very simple, light and effective physiotherapeutic device that does not require special training to be used and is available to literally everyone. Regardless of the cause of the pain, POLIMEDEL is in most cases able to alleviate or completely eliminate the pain. In any case, one of the principles of POLIMEDEL is “where it hurts, where we apply”.

Polimedel -Tlmenie bolesti

It is clinically proven that in some cases the analgesic effect of POLIMEDEL is stronger than that of narcotic drugs, which are often used in surgery, traumatology, oncology and in extensive burns. The film can relieve pain without the use of strong drugs. POLIMEDEL is a real alternative to analgesics. The pain of inflammation, swelling, injury, hypoxia, sciatica, chondrosis, neuritis, arthritis and colic disappears, as the film gradually eliminates these processes themselves. In addition, a “vicious circle” is known in medicine: pain intensifies cramps, cramps intensify pain.

When the film alleviates pain, it also alleviates cramps, so it acts as an anticonvulsant. In addition, POLIMEDEL acts directly on the conductivity of nerve impulses in nerve fibers. This means that it is able to act on the nervous tissue itself by weakening the impulse transmission and “calming” the excess deposits of irritability in the central nervous system. Therefore, the use of POLIMEDEL is justified (as confirmed by many years of experience) not only in any pain, but also in such diseases as e.g. polio and epilepsy. Electret is effective in insomnia, depression, irritability, neuroses and several other conditions.

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