Strong anti-inflammatory effect

One of the most important effects of POLIMEDEL is strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Inflammation needs to be treated as soon as possible. Medicine recognizes a huge number of diseases associated with inflammation – these are all diseases whose name ends in -itis. Bronchitis, laryngitis, neuritis, sinusitis, arthritis, myositis, gastritis, etc. This means that in the case of any “ititis”, we can count on the effective help of POLIMEDEL until the complete disappearance of the disease. In the case of acute inflammation, a few minutes, hours or days of using the foil (depending on the degree of the disease) are enough for the symptoms of the disease to disappear.

It does not matter how strong the inflammation is and where it is located – POLIMEDEL is effective in inflammation of the bronchi, nasal cavities, pneumonia and other inflammatory indications. For most acute processes, 3 to 5 days of action are sufficient for POLIMEDEL. But if we want to cure a chronic (long-term) disease, which is accompanied by a significant disruption of the functioning of a diseased organ, we need to arm ourselves with patience – you will need therapy from a few days to a few weeks.

Polimedel - Bronchitida
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