Three restrictions on the use of Polimedel

Keep in mind that POLIMEDEL has limitations when using it. The use of POLIMEDEL alone as a means of personal physical therapy is practically unlimited. The electric field is a normal phenomenon for us, yet the whole evolution of humanity takes place in the electromagnetic field of our planet. However, there are situations where the film needs to be applied very carefully. These are the three:

1. As POLIMEDEL improves blood flow (rheology), we do not recommend applying the film at the site of bleeding or a high probability of its occurrence, e.g. for fresh wounds, ruptured blood vessels, bleeding from stomach ulcers and other cases of internal bleeding.

2. POLIMEDEL is able to eliminate several problems with the thyroid gland, but this gland, as we know, is very sensitive to external influences. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply the foil to the neck from the front (in the area of ​​the thyroid gland), but rather from the back or side. In this case, we will also act on the thyroid gland, or in a weaker field, and at the same time we will prevent cervical osteochondrosis and achieve a beneficial effect on the blood – there are larger vessels nearby.

3. The film should be applied very carefully to the heart area for one reason only – if a person is prone to certain types of arrhythmias, the electric field of the film may provoke it. Although in all other cases POLIMEDEL has a very positive effect on the heart. POLIMEDEL can restore the heart rhythm in its disorders (I repeat, except in individual cases), it has a positive effect on myocardial function, relieves pain in the attack of angina pectoris, is a prevention against the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, accelerates the recovery of the myocardium in the postinfarction period, etc.

But caution is never enough. Therefore, if you have concerns but need to work on the heart, apply the foil to the upper chest from the front, or from the side on the left, or from behind between the shoulder blades. Sometimes people ask if POLIMEDEL can be used for cancer, does it provoke tumor growth or something else? As clinical trials have not been completed, do not apply POLIMEDEL directly to the tumor zone. You can use foil safely with pacemakers. Modern pacemakers are resistant to all standard electromagnetic fields, radiation from mobile phones, microwaves, etc. POLIMEDEL has no effect on the pacemaker. If you are still concerned, you can apply the film a little further.

POLIMEDEL has no age restrictions. Pregnant women can use the foil, but doctors do not recommend applying POLIMEDEL directly on the abdomen.