How to use Polimedel


Method of application

POLIMEDEL is reusable many times; it does not have to exactly copy the body, due to its reach (approx. 10 cm), it is enough to place it freely on the indicated area of the body. The electrostatic field is transmitted by natural substances (cotton, flax, glass, wood,…), it is absorbed by synthetic substances.

Therefore, we apply POLIMEDEL directly on the skin in the enclosed cotton case, not through clothing. Insert the film into the case according to the enclosed instructions. We use and store the film in the cotton case. We do not fold it in two halves, such as in the original packaging, as the shipping insulation papers have been already removed. We must not soak the film in water, or sweat it significantly, because it loses its properties by that. We also avoid significant creasing. The film, which has lost its properties, acquires a milky colour.

If necessary, clean the film with a make-up removal swab. In case of frequent use, we remove the film from the case from time to time (2-3 times a week) and wipe it with a make-up removal swab (once is enough) even in the case of not visible dirt.

We adapt time and frequency of application to the indication, we shall follow the instructions. It is suitable to apply the film during all night. Relative calm is assumed for application, e.g. in the evening while resting, to avoid significant creasing.

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Practical advice when using POLIMEDEL

POLIMEDEL is very easy to use. There are no difficulties in applying it. Apply it to the sore spot, preferably in the enclosed cotton case. You need to remove the film from the package. The packaging of POLIMEDEL is made of cardboard and transport cover papers, which contain many synthetic polymeric substances. For application, place the POLIMEDEL film to the cotton bag included in the package according to the instructions.

The electric field of the spread film is much stronger than the creased one. The life of the film is much longer if you do not crumple it very much. Dimensions of the film in the package are 9 x 15 cm and 9 x 30 cm. Depth of reach of the electric field of even the shorter version is sufficient to act upon the internal organs (up to 12 cm). With a longer version, you can also cover a sufficiently large area (for example a larger joint).

If you fold the film in two layers – the effect does not multiply, but on the contrary, the fields act against each other and the structure of the film may be damaged. Therefore, it is not necessary to fold the film in two halves or to use two pieces on top of each other.

It is not necessary to wrap the entire affected zone in the film. All you have to do is apply a fragment of the film on one side, so that the electric field penetrates to the required depth. However, if there is any metal in the zone of action (clips, strips or implants), or if the organ is placed too deeply, it is better to apply films from both sides of the organ to ensure the effect.

You can take the film with your hands by any place. But keep in mind that if you take the film with your hands, greasy fingerprints remain on it. They stain the film as well as creams, ointments and the skin itself. But any contamination can reflect the electric field and eliminate the effect of the film. Therefore, in case of contact with the film, it is better to wipe it with pharmacy alcohol or cologne (do not use any cleaning agents) and you can continue to use it. The best solution is to grab the edges, place it in the cotton case and then store the film in it.

In the first hours (in rare cases days) of application, it is possible to record intensification of disease symptoms. If your condition worsens at the beginning of POLIMEDEL application (it is an individual reaction, it does not affect everyone) – do not panic and do not stop applying the film. This is due to the activation of both types of macrophages.

Everything that needs to be done in this case – do not apply the film for a few hours, but in smaller “doses” for 5-10 minutes with a break of 1-2 hours. We do not recommend applying the film for the first time for all night or for 24 hours. Only when the acute symptoms begin to gradually disappear, you can slowly prolong the duration of action of the film. Let yourself be guided by your own feelings.

Apply the film on the areas where you feel the pain. The scheme of using POLIMEDEL is very simple – apply it directly on the required area, or to the area of localization of the painful organ. You can specify the application location completely by yourself. It is important to understand the principle: when we have a painful area or organ, we place the film on it. We want to affect the whole organism right away – we act upon larger blood vessels.

Polimedel may crease. Its effect will not be lost, although it will weaken a little. Therefore, it is not necessary to specially crease the film, but it is also not necessary to put it between pieces of hard cardboard. The enclosed cotton case is enough, and it also adapts its shape to all curves of the body. However, due to the distance of action, the film does not have to exactly copy the body.

It is allowed to apply the film to different area throughout the day. You can change the application area within 24 hours as you wish. For example, you had it on one area for 20 minutes as prevention, on other area for one hour as treatment and on the third area for the whole night to treat something more serious. Let the film work.

You can attach the film with any side. POLIMEDEL is charged only with negative electric charge beneficial for humans. Therefore, a negatively charged electric field is created around it, which extends perpendicular to the surface of the film on both sides (up and down). Whichever side you apply it with, it will work.

Unusual feelings may occur in the POLIMEDEL application area. The effect of the electric field is not felt by a man, because we do not have the relevant receptors in our body. But in some cases (even often) with rapid normalization of blood circulation and the effect on nerve conduction, we may feel heat, burning, light tingling and even a short-term intensification of pain. It is very individual, one and the same film can evoke completely different feelings in different people, someone does not feel anything, which does not mean that POLIMEDEL  does not work. Continue in applications, the discomfort will disappear and positive effect will appear.