What is Polimedel


What is Polimedel

POLIMEDEL is a polymer film made of medical fluoroplastic, into which a permanent negative electrostatic charge of high density is implemented by means of patented nanotechnology. The technology of corona discharge film processing is unique and has no equivalent in the world.

POLIMEDEL is a medical device for supportive treatment, and it can be used in any medical facility and household. It has a negative electrostatic field; it is non-invasive and free of chemicals.

POLIMEDEL is used in the form of a rectangle measuring 9×30 cm and 9×15 cm, with thickness of 10-50 micrometers (3 times thinner than a human hair). It is applied freely to the indicated part of the body. Polimedel’s electric field penetrates to a depth (10 – 14 cm) of tissues and causes a number of biophysical effects

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Principle of functioning

In general, it can be said that use of POLIMEDEL is a type of physiotherapy (similar to electrotherapy).

In the electrostatic field, the orientation of dipole molecules of biological tissues takes place and electrokinetic events are stimulated, thanks to which physiological processes in the affected area are activated.

Improvement of blood flow in the capillaries is activated, which supplies the necessary natural nutrition to the cells. Directional movement in body fluids, microcirculation in the capillary system, accelerated blood flow and flushing of even the finest canals is restored.

The effects of these, but also many other factors (described in the following articles), accelerate tissue regeneration, fracture healing, relieve pain, treat inflammation, etc.

Also, because the process does not involve an invasive action of any chemical, it does not bring negative side effects to use.

Effects of Polimedel

POLIMEDEL is a result of long-term work of physicists and doctors. It was primarily developed for military use in trauma medicine and orthopaedics.

Clinical studies have shown that it also acts as an analgesic. At the application area, it relieves pain in various pathologies, helps with bronchitis, pneumonia, hypertension. It eliminates swelling, bruising, inflammation, muscle and vascular cramps, stimulates blood flow to the tissues.

Scientific research has shown that each of our billions of main cells (red blood cells) is negatively charged. Preservation of this property is a necessary condition for preventing the aggregation and adhesion of red blood cells and the formation of “traffic congestion”, which complicates even distribution of blood to virtually every cell.

Many chronic diseases begin with this microcirculation of disorders. The blood is diluted by the targeted action of POLIMEDEL, it is saturated with oxygen, and its flow is improved. As a result, hypertension is also eliminated – blood pressure drops.

Polimedel has proved to be particularly successful as:

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Supportive factor

In healing fractures and wounds

Polimedel- urychlovac hojenia

In treatment of inflammatory diseases of joints and soft tissues

Polimedel - analgetikum

Effectively killing pains of various origins

Supportive means

In general use in orthopaedics, trauma surgery and in treatment of burns

Polimedel kozmeticke ucinky

For cosmetic purposes and plastic surgery